Campmaster Corps

What is a Campmaster?

The Campmaster Corps is a group of trained and registered volunteers (21 years or older) who serve on the Blue Ridge Scout Reservation as camp hosts. These volunteers are an essential part  of year-round program and assist Council Staff by answering questions, providing leadership in emergencies, and enforcing Reservation rules and procedures.
Campmasters select their own time and frequency of service, but usually serve two to four times a year. A normal "tour of duty" is Friday night until mid-day Sunday. While at camp, Campmasters stay in climate controlled facilities with bathrooms and kitchenettes so many volunteers bring along their spouses for a weekend retreat.

The Campmaster Program:

The Campmaster Corp will serve in four major areas:

1.  New Troop Weekends: Newly recruited units often lack the proper gear and trained leadership to host their first camp outing. The campmaster corps will supply veteran Scouters who will utilize Reservation resources to provide these new units with a positive outdoor experience. During the weekend, both youth and adults will learn about the methods of Scouting and gain a better understanding of how to implement their own successful outings in the future.

2.  Scoutreach: The Blue Ridge Mountains Council is proud to host a number of units composed of disadvantaged youth. These Scoutreach units are lead by paraprofessionals, but there is often little or no support from the youth's families. Scoutreach weekends will be designed around the specific unit's needs but will often focus on basic Scout skills and advancement. This area of campmaster will enlist the aid of youth and adult arrowmen who are participating in the Order of the Arrow mentorship program.

  1. Specialty Weekends: These exciting weekends will be lead by skilled experts from around the Council and will be aimed at exposing units to new or advanced outdoor skills.
  2. Weekend Warriors: Weekend Warriors are volunteers who assume responsibility for one of the Council camps while summer camp is in session or during the off season when units or outside groups are utilizing the property. These volunteers assist the camp staff and rangers by serving as camp hosts capable of answering questions, providing leadership during emergencies and enforcing reservation rules. This program will be limited to adults who are over 21 years of age.

How do I Become a Campmaster?

Campmasters train "on-the-job" at camp with veteran volunteers. Over the course of a weekend, you will learn about everything from checking in a unit to dealing with emergencies. Trainees will also get an opportunity to meet the Camp Ranger and tour all the facilitites that might be used during the program.
If you are a Registered Scouter with Youth Protection Training,  and would like to become a Campmaster, please contact:

  • Rick Wimmer or 540.309.1155
  • The Scout Service Center (Shirley Neiderhiser) at 540.265.0656

Registering for Campmaster Dates and Locations

After you have been approved and trained as a Campmaster, you will need to register as a Campmaster on our website. You can log in to the website and sign up to serve as Campmaster, view the Campmaster Calendar to see what dates are available, and view the contact information for other Campmasters so that you can contact them directly should the need arise. The login is the BRMC logo on the top left of our website. Double-clicking on this icon will take you to the login. You can set your own user name and password. You may also reach the login page by clicking HERE.

Forms and Other Helpful Campmaster Documents

Preparation checklist- Click HERE

Training Checklist- Click HERE

Campmaster Training Certification- Click HERE

Campmasters that will train new Campmasters- Click HERE