Campmaster Corps



We are looking for individuals to become part of the BRSR Campmaster Corps.   We are looking for individuals to help provide assistance at either Camp Ottari or Camp Powhatan during the year.


We are looking to have at least 2 Campmasters per camp.   Our immediate need is for our summer camp program.    Our Campmasters are needed to help give our camp staff time off on weekends.   Campmasters report to camp around 10 am on Saturday mornings and leave around 1 pm on Sunday afternoon.   Responsibilities include checking in units that arrive early, providing information to units about camp policies, check-in on Sunday, and any other information that units may need.    You may also be needed to provide transportation to town for staff.


If you would like to sign up for a weekend(s), please email me with the dates and camp that you would like to assist with.   At the beginning of each month we will send out a list of Campmasters to our camp directors and rangers, so they will know who to expect each weekend.    


For more information, CLICK HERE.


Thank you for all you do in Scouting.

Rick Wimmer


cell:    540-309-1155