Blue Ridge Mountains Council Endowment

The Boy Scouts of America recognizes the importance of providing enjoyable experiences for youth, but the Scouting program is designed to accomplish much more. The Blue Ridge Mountains Council of the Boy Scouts of America is committed to providing a program that comprehensively addresses the important elements of healthy youth development. The Council's Endowment Fund and fundraising efforts are necessary to accomplish this goal.

Traditional sources of income like the Council’s Friends of Scouting Campaign, popcorn sales and the United Way are not enough to meet increasing budgetary needs. Friends of Scouting only accounts for 16 percent of the total Council budget and the popcorn sale provides another 12 percent. In 1972, 80 percent of the Council’s budget came from 17 United Ways. Today it receives only seven percent of its annual income from 12 United Ways.

The future of the Blue Ridge Mountains Council depends on its ability to develop and maintain strong financial resources. Without the support of donors, the Council will not be able to employ a full, well-trained staff; provide exceptional program facilities; conduct a first-class program; attract quality program and administrative volunteers; and continue serving the youth in the Council area to the degree it does now.

The Council’s long-term goal is to prepare young people to achieve their full potential for happy and productive lives. Support of the Council’s efforts to increase its endowment is truly an investment in the lives of the youth in southwest, central and south-side Virginia. We can not do this without you!

To see lists of individuals who have already contributed to the endowment, click on one of the following links:


  James E. West Fellowship

  Heritage Society