Reservation Managment Guides

Reservation Mangement Guides                                   

PURPOSE:  The Management Guides are documents that describe specific guidelines for the implementation of management actions on the BRSR or provide guidance relative to administrative activities..  They provide guidance for individuals or groups who desire to undertake management or service projects on the BRSR. 

MG-1 — Resource Project Plan (RPP) and Environmental Impact Analysis (EIA) Guidelines.

MG-2 — Environmental Area Adoption

MG-3 — Environmental Briefing Guidelines 

MG-4 — Special Permit Procedures

MG-5 — Trail Design and Maintenance

MG-6 — Wildlife Guide for Campers and Leaders

MG-7 — Hazard Tree Analysis

MG-8 — Drainage Practices for Soil Conservation

MG-9 — Forest Road Construction & Maintenance (under development)

MG-10 — Trail Transect Procedures (under development)

MG-11— Bird Transect Study Procedures (under development)

MG-12 — Point Count Procedures (under development)

MG-13 — Guide to Establish the Reservation-wide Resource study (under development)

MG-14 — Guide to Create Vernal Ponds (under development)

MG-15 — Stream Improvement Guide (under development)