Scholarships for Eagle Scouts

Find out more about scholarship opportunities by visiting the Scholarships Page on the NESA website here

Glenn & Melinda Adams Eagle Scout Service Project of the Year Award

The National Eagle Scout Association established the Glenn A. and Melinda W. Adams national Eagle Scout service project of the year award (ESSPY) to recognize valuable service of an exceptional nature by an Eagle Scout candidate to a religious institution, a school, community or other entity through completion of an Eagle Scout project.

NESA has recently approved a new recognition for scouts that apply for the Glenn & Melinda Adams Award, and for those who've been selected for their outstanding projects! Patches are now available to recognize the importance of Eagle Scout Service Projects in the community, and to give councils an avenue to encourage scouts who submit their projects for consideration to obtain scholarships.

Council NESA / Alumni Committees can purchase the winner and nominee patches as a way to encourage more participation at the council level. These can be given to past recipients of the award. The nominee patches can also be purchased by units and Scouts. Get these patches at National Eagle Scout Association Store under NESA Patches!  National and NST Level patches will be with sent with the Certificate for presentation.